1Añadir todos los ingredientes (menos las lentejas cocidas) a la olla, remover y cocer hasta que los trozos de patata estén blanditos.
2Añadir las lentejas cocidas, y dejarlas hervir 1 minuto.
3Añadir el chorizo una vez apagado el fuego.
4Reposar 5 minutos (si es que aguantas tanto) y a Comer #guimaraners!!!

Vegan Spanish lentil and chorizo stew

This is a speedy vegan Spanish lentil stew or “lentejas con chorizo”. It’s one of those traditional recipes where every family has their own way of making it. As the name would suggest, it usually includes chorizo and other animal products but we’ve made a plant-based version that tastes just as good using our beef bouillon and chorizo seasoning. Believe us when we tell you that you will not be able to tell the difference.

We love legumes in all their shapes and sizes and lentils are no exception, this protein and fiber-packed pulse is a must in the vegan pantry. However if you’re not a fan, we encourage you to try this recipe because it will definitely convert you.

Make this speedy one-pot stew part of your weeknight rotation because it couldn’t be easier and quicker to make, plus minimal washing up! We’ve used cooked lentils to make life easier but feel free to soak and cook your own if you prefer, just make sure to choose and quick-cook lentil or soak over-night for best results.


Antes de servir probar y rectificar de sal, pero si te gustan más espesas sólo tienes que coger dos trocitos de patata cocida y picarlas con un poco de caldo y añadir a la olla y mezclar)