Guimarana is:

Sustainable, Accessible and Healthy

Guimarana Dream Food is a dream come true, the dream that a healthier and more sustainable diet full of flavor was possible. Led by Chef Cholo García and dreamers Víctor and Raúl, after many tests, sacrifice and perseverance, we have managed to develop product lines full of flavour, responsible and accessible, through plant-based products full of care, innovation and technology.


Our mission is to accelerate the food transition to a plant-based model that allows us to ensure the availability of food for all and preserve our planet.

Easy and Fun

Our vision is to create truly amazing plant-based products that taste even better than their animal-based counterparts, with which you can cook all your traditional recipes without changing the flavor you're used to. Enhance and enhance the flavors of any meal in an extremely simple way.

«Change is only possible if we join everyone, which is why we place special emphasis on ensuring that everyone can access quality plant-based products full of flavour, highlighting vegetable proteins that are as economical and nutritional as tofu, soy or textured legumes, which take on a new meaning and are filled with flavor with our products, suitable for everyone, which is why we constantly work to eliminate allergens”

Victor García – CO FOUNDER de Guimarana